Artemis® Gateway

Thermal Scanner, Blackbody, API, AI, Smart Notification, and InDoor/OutDoor Designer 

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The Artemis Gateway is an all-in-one solution designed for large scale operations. The Artemis Gateway can scan up to 50 individuals in a minute, providing maximum efficiency. This system included advanced functions such as AI, facial recognition, facial detection, and data auto-tracking.

The Artemis Gateway is a designer solution for maximum safety and efficiency, minimizing the amount of risk. This solution can be customized to fit your exact needs. With indoor and outdoor configurations, the gateway provides advanced solutions to help you minimize exposure and risk. The screening structure provides multiple lanes to process the optimal number of people with minimal wait times.

This full-service solution is designed with the CDC guidelines and is fully compliant, ensuring health and safety requirements are met. This solution has advanced smart notifications that can instantly notify personnel of any individual with a high body temperature within seconds.

Our designers work with you on evaluating your environment and providing an optimal solution to fit your needs. The Artemis Gateway is a leading solution in COVID-19 prevention. Increase safety for employees and the public. 


  • CDC-compliant design  ensuring health and safety requirements are met
  • Accurate temperature reading on every employee down to the 1/10 degree
  • Immediate temperature readings  in under 3 seconds per person; minimizing the impact on operations and expedite the flow of personnel
  • Multiple Options:  multiple lanes design, screening structure to process the optimal number of people with minimum wait times
  • Step-N-Pull handless doors minimizing the risk of transferring COVID-19
  • Full-service, including outdoor and indoor with a strategic local partnership  including installation, training of your personnel, remote access troubleshooting and dismantling
  • Artificial Intelligence: face recognition to accurately identify the alerts 24 * 7.
  • Smart Notification: notify the alerts up to second, never miss a critical alert.
  • Non-intrusive: seamlessly integrate with any existing security system

Complete Solution

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The  Artemis® Gateway   provides an all-in-one solution that  combines thermal scanning equipment with custom-designed, screening facilities — compliant with the CDC's safety recommendations and ISO's Screening Protocol — to create the safest, most efficient solution for protecting your team while getting back to work.

Immediate Temperature Results

CDC-Compliant Design

Rapid Screening of 200-3,000 Employees

Artificial Intelligence