Register your standard in China

Who we are

Cssinco is a consultant company in the US and China for service products regulatory affairs in China. Our special focus is helping you to register your standard in China. After the Standard be registered, your organization will be a qualified service provider to develop one of the fast growth service market in the world. You can promote your Standard, train the professionals and students, accredit China organizations, sign certificates, license your Standard etc. Most of the important, the profits will be legally allowed to send back.
We are a one-stop service provider supporting your organization successful register its standard in China.
We collaborate with and supports organizations and businesses around the globe, providing essential knowledge, discretion, and capability where and when our clients need it. Our work helps ensure proper certification and China market access, promotion and elevation of a Standard’s brand and reputation. We provide the best value proposition for our clients.

China Service Market

  • China ranked first worldwide in exports in 2017 with an export value of approximately 2.7 trillion US dollars
  • In 2020, the market size of the Chinese service outsourcing industry amounted to approximately 175 billion U.S. dollars, representing an annual growth of over 10 percent.
  • China's service sector has doubled its share of economic output over the last two decades to account for 53.3% of GDP in 2021
  • From 2016 to 2020, the industry grew substantially. It most certainly will continue to strive and become one of the biggest middleclass country. China’s infrastructure amongst its many strengths offers itself as an ideal marketplace. An investment in establishing market shares in China offers significant returns while the market continues to mature.
China’s geographical and economic prowess offer plenty of opportunities, but it’s complexity based on regional cultures, dialects, and bureaucrats could pose even greater obstacles. Therefore, companies will benefit greatly with professional guidance by Cssinco when beginning to enter the China market.

The process of China registration

The process of China Standard registration is complex. Even experienced companies and organizations could encounter unforeseen challenges. Our experienced consultants can guide you through China's regulatory processes, from identifying classifications and preparing the application documents in Chinese to approval and issue of the certificate. Our committed consultants guide you through the entire regulatory process in China until receipt of approval. After that, our experienced consultants will help you to make a right business approach the Standard ,consultant, accreditation market in China.

Sales Support

Have you considered taking your offerings global, with China as a target market for your Standards? We will make sure that your vision becomes reality. From market analysis to office-in-office packages, we create an optimal market entry point specifically for you.
With a deep understanding of Chinese culture and decades of experience, we can facilitate your market entry in China. When it comes to after-sales service and support, our network of uniquely qualified professionals is sought-after contacts to all community members, help you to build partnerships with colleges, professionals , students, promote your standards to organizations, companies, etc.