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The Artemis T1 handheld thermal scanner is a non-contact tool to help catch elevated temperatures. This device serves as a frontline of defense against potential health risks. Visualize elevated temperatures with the Artemis T1.
  • Scan from up to 15 ft
  • 0.9°F Accuracy
  • Pass/fail indicator
  • Wireless
  • Free Installation Available & Shipping
  • NDAA compliant
  • Meets government mandates


The Artemis T11 is the most advanced temperature screening solution we offer. With the capability to scan up to 100 persons per minute, the T11 can accurately scan crowds of any size.

  • Scan from up to 20ft away
  • Multi-person screening capabilities
  • 0.5F Accuracy
  • Free Installation Available & Shipping
  • NDAA compliant
  • Meets government mandates


The Artemis JXG-213-F is a non-contact temperature screening kiosk. One of the fastest and most accurate systems on the market. Provide a safer environment for both customers and employees.
  • Scan from up to 3ft
  • 0.54°F Accuracy
  • Face mask Recognition
  • Preassembled option available

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The Artemis JXG-213-W harnesses the advanced features of the 213-F but utilizes a wrist temperature sensor. Create a safer environment today.

  • 0.54°F Accuracy
  • Threshold Color Display:
    Red: FAIL Green: PASS
  • Mask Detection
  • Preassembled option available
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The Artemis JXG-513 is our Plug & Play model. Create a safer environment for both employees and customers.

  • 0.2 sec scan time
  • 0.54°F Accuracy
  • Plug & Play
  • Stainless Steel Stand

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Why Us?

CreativeStar Solutions provides essential technology to businesses to adapt to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal is to provide the best customer service experience. With live technical support and product installation training, you will never be without help. Our technical support team strives to help you utilize our products in the most efficient and effective way possible. Beyond customer service, our products are guaranteed to increase safety for both employees and customers by catching elevated temperatures. We are here to help build a safer and healthier tomorrow.