ARTEMIS QuickCheck

Requires all individuals entering your organization to fill out a health screening questionnaire before the Artemis JXG system grants them access to the facility.

The perfect method to increase safety for employees and visitors.

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Customize The Questions

The questionnaire can take any form such as CDC health questions, employee or visitor information

Contactless Answer the Questions

Complete the questionnaire on a desktop or mobile device from anywhere

QR Code Scanned at Entry Place

QR code or IC Card can be scanned to verify identity and health questions at the entry place

SMS or Email Notification

Get notified when abnormal events such as security or health information are not aligned with your policy

QuickCheck Operation Steps

Seamless integration with the Artemis Thermal Scanner

  • Scan from up to 3ft
  • 0.54°F Accuracy
  • Face mask Recognition
  • Preassembled option available

  • 0.54°F Accuracy
  • Threshold Color Display: Red: FAIL Green: PASS
  • Mask Detection
  • Preassembled option available